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Lettres de Gabriel Naudé à Jacques Dupuy (1632-1652)
Édition critique par Phillip Wolfe (Professor of French, Allegheny College)
ISBN 0-921984-02-2
Perfect bound, édition brochée, 1982, 16 x 25,5 cm, pp. 142. €.22,00.

Gabriel Naudé, whilst in the service of the humanist-diplomat Guidi di Bagno, enjoyed the stimulating milieu of the dignitaries and literati of his day. The political intrigues of the papal court and, in general, the seething diplomatic relations between France and Italy are vividly sketched in Naudé's correspondence with Jacques Dupuy which discloses, at the same time, a wealth of information about daily life in Rome, Riète and Stockholm.
An indefatigable bibliophile, Naudé likewise gives us an inside view of the contemporary literary and social scene. His keen eye for detail and the shrewdness of his observations make for a fascinating history of the period. Professor Wolfe's meticulous deciphering and modernisation of Gabriel Naudé's original manuscript is prefaced by a historico-biographical introduction. A comprehensive index is complemented by an elaborate panoply of philological and historical notes.

Cette édition savante et minutieuse éclaire et rend enfin accessible un ensemble de lettres indispensables à la connaissance érudite de la République des Lettres. Observateur sagace, Naudé nous livre une mine de renseignements sur la société romaine et sur la Cour de Stockholm. A la performance paléographique de l'établissement du texte s'ajoutent un index détaillé et un jeu de notes historiques et philologiques d'une grande précision.

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