Baroque, Subliminal, and Mentalities Centre

BSMC – Presentation

The BSMC endeavours to promote, through a cooperative effort on the part of international scholars, in-depth research in a defined field, as well as the circumscription and application of cutting-edge methodologies. Whether on a theoretical or practical level, the basic goal of the BSMC is the promotion of original research and the dissemination of research findings via the publication of peer-reviewed articles in the scholarly journal of the Centre: Parabasis. Although articlesare published primarily in French and English, the journal is open to other languages.

The thrust of the BSMC is twofold:

Firstly, the promotion and dissemination of original research with respect to the phenomena structuring the acquisition of ideas in the context of the mentalities underlying the mythologèmes governing the Subliminal, the Baroque and the Grotesque. Research is encouraged in the following areas:

the collective psychology pertaining to a given social group with a view to promoting imagological analysis in the context of baroque and subliminal works via the investigation of cultural stereotypes concerning identities embedded in the collective national consciousness.

Theories of imagology and its configurations in relation to the question of mentalities understood in terms of the collective consciousness of a given social group.

Secondly, the exchange of pedagogical ideas with a view to fostering the development of cutting-edge methodologies, especially in the context of applied linguistics and didactics.